Dahlia Heights Elementary

Getting to School

Morning Valet Program

 The drop-off point in front of school is on FLORISTAN heading SOUTH, and IN FRONT OF THE KINDERGARTEN YARD on WALDRAN heading WEST. Please remember to:

  • Have children seated on the passenger side of car. Have the backpack ready for when your child exits the car.
  • Follow the directions of the orange-vested volunteers as to where to stop and when to open and close doors.
  • Allow your children to exit on your car’s passenger side only.


Want to help with the Valet Program? Parent Valet Training is September 21st and October 21st. Student Valet Training will be held September 22nd. Call the office for more information, or email Chris Kraft, Valet coordinator, at valet@dahliapta.org


Walking to Dahlia & Proximity to Other Schools

IMG_0890.JPG IMG_2415.jpg IMG_2536.JPG IMG_2632.JPG IMG_3015.JPG IMG_3018.JPG IMG_3027.JPG IMG_3029.JPG IMG_3033.JPG SchoolfrontSized.png IMG_3042.jpg IMG_3050.jpg IMG_3053.jpg IMG_3061.jpg IMG_3074.jpg IMG_3076.jpg IMG_3080.jpg IMG_3078.jpg IMG_3079.jpg IMG_3088.jpg IMG_3020.JPG IMG_3023.JPG Huntington Gardens Trip Autry Museum Trip Auditorium catalina 008.jpg catalina 025.jpg catalina 057.jpg catalina 071.jpg catalina 074.jpg catalina 078.jpg catalina 086.jpg catalina 095.jpg catalina 105.jpg catalina 114.jpg catalina 127.jpg GEDC0133.jpg GEDC0141.jpg GEDC0155.jpg GEDC0156.jpg GEDC0166.JPG GEDC0141.jpg GEDC0186.jpg GEDC0197.jpg GEDC0228.jpg GEDC0260.jpg GEDC0306.jpg GEDC0319.jpg GEDC0322.jpg GEDC0344.jpg GEDC0394.jpg GEDC0399.jpg GEDC0495.jpg GEDC0705.jpg GEDC0739.jpg GEDC0778.jpg P1000362.jpg P1000367.jpg P1000377.jpg P1000595.jpg

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