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PE Links and Recommendations

Dance Sweat Live

Move to Learn

Cosmic Kids Yoga

To encourage gross motor movement, core strengthening, and heavy work for sensory needs, try these indoor recess activities. They work at home, too!

Get outside!

Maintain a routine of going outside daily and being active

Reduce screen time

Do warm-ups (jumping jacks, toe touches, stretches)

Dance party!

Have a set PE time (physical movement, outdoor play, sports games) throughout the week

Social Emotional Behavior Links

National Association of School PSychologist (NASP) handout (English, Spanish, Chinese available)--Talking to Children About COVID-19: A Parent Resources

Social Emotional Apps:

  • Pranayama Yoga Breathing App (Google Play/Apple App Store)
  • California Peer-Run Warm Line
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-855-845-7415
  • Web Chat:
    • Immediate, free non-emergency emotional support is available to anyone in the state via telephone or instant messaging
    • A toll-free service staffed 24/7 by trained Peers with specialized training in supporting mental health challenges

Distance Learning Resources for Students

No library card? No problem. Just a mobile phone number and a few seconds is all you need to borrow titles... FREE!

Scroll Down for a wide variety of sites and recommendations! (apologies for any redundancies!)

Fordham Institute Site with many Coronavirus Resources, click here.

Literacy Links

ABCYa - Literacy and Math Games Grades TK-5

Starfall - Literacy Games Grades K-2

Moby Max - All Academic Content Grades 1-8

Fun Brain - Reading & Grammar Games

Storyline Online - Digital Read-alouds for All Ages

Just Books Read Aloud - Read-alouds by Reading Level

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry 4 Kids - Read, Write,!

Seussville - All Thing Dr. Seuss

Unite for Literacy - Non Fiction for Little Learners

Sight Word Play List - Created by Ms. Pinto from Holly Ave

Tumblebooks - Digital Library in cooperation with Arcadia Public Library - contact staff for username and password information

Reading Rockets - Reading resources for students and parents - Reading comprehension at the learner's individual ability level. - A game for students in the early learning stages of reading.

Newsela - Newsela is a curated collection of current event articles for learners in grades 2nd - 12th grade.

Math Links - Great Math Skills Practice!

Prodigy - Math Practice Made Fun

Khan Academy - Math and Science Digital Lessons Grades K-8

Moby Max - All Academic Content Grades 1-8

Math Playground - Games Sorted by Topic/Math Strand

Fun Brain - Math Games with Grade Level Recommendations

Mr. - Math Games

PBS Kids - Math Games for Little Learners

Science Links

Khan Academy - Math and Science Digital Lessons Grades K-8

Phet Simulations - Interactive Simulations for Math and Science

Crash Course Kids Youtube Channel- Content videos for Science and Social Sciences

Mystery Doug- Videos that inspire and build science inquiry

Social Science/History Links

Newsela curated collection of current events

Crash Course Kids Youtube Channel- Content videos for Science and Social Sciences

Icivics- Interactive games to learn about history

ELD Resources

RazKids- Reading A to Z!

Actively Learn- Reading Comprehension Practice

Typing Club

Other Resources: - Time Magazine for kids - Indoor Physical Education Meditations - meditation

Headspace For Kids - meditations and calming

Dance Mat Typing - Improve Touch Typing & Speed

Type Rocket - Practice Your Typing Skills


    Helping your student maintain consistency to ease their transition back to school
  • Maintain routines: Help your student maintain a routine. Make a copy of this example and edit it to meet your family needs.
    • Try to have a snack and lunch at your child’s typical school snack and lunch times
    • Have your child wake up and go to sleep like they were attending school
    • Limit gaming and device time
    • Help with chores
      • Take out the trash
      • Set the table
      • Sort Laundry
      • Make a snack/help make a meal
      • Clean up a room

Health and Wellness

Tech & Other Resources

Offline Activities

  • If you have a music instrument...practice!
  • Family puzzles and game boards
  • Enjoy Nature (go for a walk, play outside, ride a bike or scooter)
  • Bake cookies or cook a family favorite recipe
  • Scrapbook photos of friends and family
  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Organize an area in your room
  • Read a book and share your favorite part of the story
  • Create a comic book
  • Find geometric shapes in your home (I spy a triangle...I spy a square)
  • Flip a coin 10, 20, 100 times to compare heads vs. tail
  • Study patterns in plants by collecting leaves
  • Create a new dance move or game
  • Count steps between rooms in your home
  • Play "I'm Thinking of..." (I am thinking of an animal that is grey, is large, and has a trunk...)


Autism Links and Resources:

Autismclassroomresources.comThis website has math, matching, and many other practice activities students can do at home. - Access to free printable worksheets and academic games 

Speech and Language Links and Recommendations

Speech Therapy Home Activities- This links to a free download of three handouts that promote speech and language at home.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Speech and Language Songs - Youtube Channel of videos with Core Vocabulary Songs

Occupational Therapy Links and Recommendations

Fine motor and coordinationactivities using a simple deck of playing cards.

Movement, dexterity, and strengthening activities using craft pom poms (or cotton balls work really well, too.)

Activities with paper clips to encourage coordination, visual motor skills, perception, and dexterity.

Sensory diet activities for the backyard.

31 ways to learn through movement and play. These strategies are perfect for learning at home or homeschooling.

Playdough is a powerful tool that can be added to home therapy programs! Here is a giant list ofactivities using play dough.

Activities/ideas to work on a variety of skills