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Arts and Activities

There are many programs and activities going on at Dahlia Heights to enhance and enrich the lives of students. Here’s an overview.

The Arts at Dahlia

The Arts Education Branch of LAUSD provides highly qualified arts educators, many of whom are outstanding artists, actors, dancers and musicians. All are credentialed educators in their disciplines with supporting certifications in language development (CLAD).

Rotations in Dance, Drama or Visual Arts and yearlong programs in Vocal and Instrumental Music develop children's ability to explore and express artistically. The Arts are core curriculum and the LAUSD Arts Instructional Guide in each discipline may be viewed on the Arts Education Branch website

Many Dahlia Heights teachers bring their own Arts expertise into the classroom and integrate arts into the curriculum. Our daily morning music program, Hooked On Music, offers students a chance to write creatively while listening to music. The Dahlia Heights PTA also helps bring in Educating Artists from the community, including 24th Street Theatre, Southland Opera, and Story Pirates.

Orchestra: Some instruments are provided by the school and by the District for student use. Instrument use is always free. Families are invited to make a $20 contribution to the program, which helps to replace worn out books, add supplemental materials to enrich study, replace strings in sizes not always provided by the District. Students perform in assemblies for the school and parents at the end of the year, and experienced musicians play for Sixth Grade Culmination. In the six of the seven years of District Elementary Honors Orchestra, Dahlia Heights has been represented well by our most diligent talented students. 

School Programs and Activities

Assemblies – Citizenship and School Spirit Assemblies are held monthly and a Student of the Month is awarded in each class. A character trait is highlighted each month and students who embody that character trait are recognized at the assembly. If your child is selected as a Student of the Month, your child’s teacher will contact you in advance.

E3 -  Enrichment Educational Experiences Enrichment Educational Experiences/E3 Inc. was developed to fulfill the requests of parents who were seeking an after school program that would continue the high standards and concepts of Kindergarten Enrichment. Our after school program provides students with art, music, drama, science, language arts, chess, dance, physical education clinics and a homework/study hall hour. Please visit the attached website for information about this program. Click Here

Computer Lab on Wheels – Dahlia Heights has a new Apple computer lab, which is used by all grade levels.  Students practice their computer skills weekly.

Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE) - The GATE program aims to provide high-ability and high-potential students with learning opportunities that will help develop their academic abilities to the highest level. GATE identification usually takes place during a student’s third grade year, and is generally based upon teacher screenings/referrals, assessments, and test scores (including an IQ test). Dahlia teacher Mr. Christy is the GATE Coordinator.

P.E. Program – Physical education is offered for 20 minutes per day on a daily basis. Skills and teamwork are emphasized.  

Recycling – This award winning state acknowledged recycling program is run by Mrs. Lopez. Each month a classroom is assigned to empty the recycling bins.  Recycling is embraced and promoted by both staff and students at Dahlia.

Response to Intervention Program – This is an intensive writing/math and/or reading intervention program for students who are at-risk of not meeting grade-level standards. These students will receive additional support in their classrooms. In addition, more intensive small intervention groups will be held in six-week sessions after school. Attendance is extremely important and will be monitored closely.

School Library – Each Class spends 30 minutes per week in the library.

Share and Care Program – A specially trained therapist is available two days a week to work with students on issues relating to classroom and playground behavior and overall emotional well-being with an art-therapy focus.

School for Advanced Studies (SAS) –Dahlia Heights is designated as one of LAUSD’s Schools for Advanced Studies. Our SAS program is designed to improve educational opportunities for all Dahlia Heights students and to enhance professional development to support students’ academic achievement levels.

Student Council – Elections are held each fall to select two classroom representatives from each grade 3-6 class.  Representatives then vote to select a council president and vice president. The council meets 1-2 times per month and is responsible for Spirit Days, the Student Talent Show, and fundraisers for the community, including the Penny Drive and Food Drive.

Student of The Month – Teachers choose a student from their classroom once a month to be recognized at the school assembly. Teachers notify parents in advance of the assembly.

Sixth Grade Events and Fundraisers

Class Events

Annual Overnight Trip - Sixth grade students take this fun-filled trip each spring to study nature and the environment

Graduation Ceremony - Culmination and awards ceremony held the last day of school

Graduation Luncheon - Special luncheon with sixth graders and Dahlia Heights teachers and staff. The students take on the teachers in a game of volleyball, too.


Class Fundraisers

The Dahlia Heights PTA funds the annual 6th grade trip via its year-round fundraising activity. It's one of the largest expenses the PTA makes, and all 6th grade kids and parents are encouraged to help the PTA meet its fundraising goals by volunteering throughout the year, and helping with our largest fundraisers, like the Walkathon in the fall semester, and the Silent Auction in the spring semester.

E3 Quarter 4

E3 Session 4 - click here!