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Getting to School

Morning Valet Program

 The drop-off point in front of school is on FLORISTAN heading SOUTH, and IN FRONT OF THE KINDERGARTEN YARD on WALDRAN heading WEST. Please remember to:

  • Have children seated on the passenger side of car. Have the backpack ready for when your child exits the car.
  • Follow the directions of the orange-vested volunteers as to where to stop and when to open and close doors.
  • Allow your children to exit on your car’s passenger side only.


Want to help with the Valet Program? Parent Valet Training is September 21st and October 21st. Student Valet Training will be held September 22nd. Call the office for more information, or email Chris Kraft, Valet coordinator, at


Walking to Dahlia & Proximity to Other Schools

Get Detailed Maps of Anywhere!!!

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Air Out!

Join the students of Dahlia on Ride Your Bike Thursdays!  Or simply make it your healthy routine to walk to and from school daily!  Give the environment a break!

Getting to School Safely

Safety Tips:


  • Kids, walk to school with a parent or other child.
  • Cross at street corners and obey traffic signals.
  • Do not cross in the middle of the street.
  • Parents, please do no double park--it is illegal and hazardous.
  • After school, children should wait on the school side of the street for their rides. 
  • If a school bus has a red blinking light in operation, do not pass the bus in either direction. All cars must stop until the blinking stops.