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Box Tops for Education

Clip Box Tops coupons to support Dahlia Heights! Hundreds of your favorite products qualify (e.g., Cheerios, Juicy Juice, Ziploc, Betty Crocker and more). Glue your Box Tops to this sheet, or bundle them in groups of 50 and drop them off at the office.


Return your Box Tops by:

Oct. 15

Feb. 15


Shop at the Box Tops Marketplace at retailers such as JC Penney and Lands' End and a percentage of your purchase will go to our school.

Fundraising at Dahlia

Funding By The PTA

Great programs require great support!


Did you know that through fundraising, the PTA pays for:

  • Art, Dance, Music and Theater Teachers in the classroom and Visiting Artists
  • Teaching Assistants in the classroom
  • Yoga classes for students
  • Field trips and admission fees
  • Facility improvements, including vegetable gardens, garden supplies, and interior and exterior landscaping
  • Computers and technology for students and teachers
  • Guest lectures 
  • Educational assemblies
  • Scholarships
  • Commencement activities
  • Classroom supplies, and
  • Teacher projects

These programs are critical components of your children’s educational experience. However, without your support, they would not exist.

Annual Fund Drive

The PTA's Annual Fund Drive helps bridge the funding gap that grows greater each year in public education.  Fundraising is an important source of support for student achievement, classroom needs, technology improvement, and enrichment opportunities for students at Dahlia Heights. The Annual Fund takes place each October.

The 2014-2015 PTA Annual Fund raised over $50,000 to pay for crucial classroom services like Arts Education and Teaching Assistants that Dahlia Heights lost when its Title 1 funding was eliminated.  Many thanks to each and every family who participated in the Annual Fund. Every gift is valued and makes a difference at our school.  

Sign up for eScrip

eScrip is one of the easiest way to help raise money for our school. By registering your credit, debit and loyalty cards online with eScrip, a percentage of your purchases will benefit Dahlia Heights. Or shop online at the eScrip Mall and earn bigger percentages for our school. Also check out the coupons while visiting the eScrip Mall.


Shop on Amazon, Earn for Dahlia Heights!

Did you know that the Dahlia Heights PTA can earn from 4% to 6% of all your purchases made at, just by clicking this link?

It's easy, and really adds up! Once you've clicked, just shop and check out as you always do. As long as you click the link above, we'll get the credit. You won’t get a confirmation from Amazon that your purchase helps Dahlia. But trust us, it works!