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Wishlists for At Home Learning

All Supplies are requested for at home learning to make it easier for students to learn from home and are just suggestions, you are not obligated to buy anything. If you are unable to provide supplies for your child are home please contact your child's teacher directly. 

Supplies provided by the school 

K-3   Whiteboards & Markers, blue pencils no erasers, Crayons

 4-6 Eureka-style White boards: (card stock red side white side of card stock & sheet protectors) 

4th, 5th & 6th Grade


Dry erase markers spiral notebook or composition book (2-3)

3 prong folder

3 file folders for work

3x5 index cards 

Pencils & Pencil Sharpener


Colored Pens (3 different)


Colored Pencils

Thin Markers

Pencil box to hold materials 




Post it's

College ruled paper 

White copy paper for art & activities

Grade Level Supply REquests

Please make sure your child/ren have a place at a desk or table in your home where they can learn from each day.

Students will also need a space to keep the school supplies at home where they will not lose them. 

Devices need to be charged every evening to be ready for learning the next day. 



Colored pencils

Lined paper 


Glue Sticks 

Construction paper

White Card stock


Supply box for materials

1st Grade 

Colored pencils

Fine line markers

Glue sticks 


3x5 index cards 

Wide ruled notebook paper

2nd & 3rd Grade 

Manipulatives for math

Crayons/Color pencils

Lined paper


Color pen

Glue sticks

Construction paper


Fine line black markers

Student composition books

Dry erase